The series „Hollywood in Hamburg“ brings today’s top Hollywood film-composers to one of the finest concert halls in the world, the Elbphilharmonie. 

T hese composers take part either as hosts or as performers, thus allowing audiences a glimpse into the fascinating world behind the scenes.The art of film music is, to put it in a nutshell, indispensable for the Gesamtkunstwerk film. The music contributes to the visual impression on the screen at a subliminal level; what’s more it lends atmosphere and provides insight into characters. Oddly enough, however, the musical stars seldom make it into the limelight, despite their contribution being so essential. All the more wonderful, then, to see these outstanding artists assuming their rightful place on stage, whilst the spots focus on their works. The effect is enhanced when the star composers present their music themselves. During the evening, their film-scores come to life in one os the most fascinating concert halls worldwide: the Elbphilharmonie.

Tomek Productions has, so far, acted as producer for four „Hollywood in Hamburg“ productions.

Client: Semmel Concerts


Tomek Productions has, so far, been responsible for production, programming, artist scouting, logistics of four „Hollywood in Hamburg“ productions.

    Star of the first concert in this new series was a man who has shaped the sound of Hollywood for some 30 years: Danny Elfman. As Tim Burton’s congenial partner, he contributed his unmistakeable atmospheric sound fantasties to the morbid-playful world of „Edward Scissorhands“, „Alice in Wonderland“ and „Nightmare Before Christmas“. In addition, he provided music from the films of two legendary, contrasting heroes, „Batman“ and the US-American cult family, „The Simpsons“. With »The World of Danny Elfman«, the award-winning and four-time Oscar-nominated composer presented a two-part program, with John Mauceri conducting the Czech National Symphony Orchestra & Choir. The program included the German premiere of Elfman's Violin Concerto No. 1, as well as highlights of his fantastic-bizarre fairytale film scores. Star violinist Sandy Cameron gave the concert a special touch performing in her energetic, enthusiastic manner.


    One of cinema’s most successful series is, of course, James Bond; from the start, the striking soundtracks, along with the „Bond Theme“ have played a key part in the lasting success of the series. Five-time Oscar winner, John Barry (1933-2011) and top British film-composer, David Arnold have left their mark on the „Bond Sound“: Barry’s contribution is notable for his charismatic, full brass sound for „Goldfinger“, „Thunderball“, „Diamonds Are Forever“ and „The Living Daylights“ as well as for some of the most famous Bond Songs. Arnold has proved the ideal successor to Barry, retaining the hallmark qualities of the „Bond Sound“ in both „Tomorrow Never Dies“ and „Quantum of Solace“, whilst lending the music both his own personal note and continuing to develop it. The City of Prague Orchestra, under Nic Raine’s baton, brought a powerful programme that comprised, amongst other scores, music from Barry’s „Goldfinger“, „You Only Live Twice“, „From Russia With Love“and „Diamonds Are Forever“ scores, whilst star guest David Arnold himelf delivered interesting background stories to the cult series and performed two of his own Bond songs.

  3. John Powell – Ice Age and Beyond

    One of the most popular and varied Hollywood Dream Factory genres is that of animated movies; British artist, John Powell, ist surely one of the genre’s top composers; he has won the hearts of young and old with his scores, for instance, for „Ice Age“, „Happy Feet“, „Shrek“ and „Rio“. Also much in demand alongside Powell is Gavin Greenaway, conductor of most of the Dreamworks film scores; together, they presented a varied progam bringing to life excerpts from „Ice Age“, „How To Train Your Dragon“ and „Pan“.

  4. Bruce Broughton – A Tribute to Disney

    „A Tribute to Disney“ paid tribute to Film’s most heartwarming genius. What do irresistible Disney classics such as „Bernard and Bianca“, „Bambi“ and „Beauty and the Beast“ have in common? They all, as do many more, share Hollywood composer Bruce Broughton as the man whose music helped bring them to life. With over 20 Emmy nominations and a total of ten actual Emmy’s, the Disney specialist is, perhaps, the most successful TV composer worldwide. It was he who created the scores for cult series such as „Dallas“ or „Quincy“, to mention but two of so many. Broughton has contributed to some of Hollywood’s finest entertainment, whilst remaining the Disney specialist. In this exclusive Hamburg concert, Bruce Broughton not only conducted the Hamburg Symphony Orchestra but also narrated the concert, giving us a glimpse behind the scenes of the Dream Factory.