In December 2015, Tomek Productions premiered its »Magic Moments« show at the historic Teatro Jorge Eliécer Gaitán »Hollywood in Bogotá« in Colombia.

T he exclusive production included well-known soundtracks of films such as »Jurassic Park«, »Avatar«, »James Bond«, »Harry Potter«, »Gladiator« and other film music highlights, synched to film clips of the respective movies.

It was the first film music production of this kind in Colombia. Renowned film music conductor Nic Raine conducted the Bogota Symphony Orchestra and The Bogota Symphony Orchestra Foundation Choir with a total of more than 100 musicians on stage. Colombian singer Laura Kalop, three times winner of the »Mono Núñez Festival«, added a special touch to the concert.

2015: Magic Moments
Sweeping melodies and magical scenes from beloved Hollywood fantasy films.
Clients: Fundación Orquesta Sinfónica de Bogotá (FOSBO), District Institute of Arts (IDARTES)
Cooperation Partner: Universal Pictures Columbia


production of the show, including concert concept, program, technical specifications, selection of artists, music production, visualization, production management and art direction of light design.